We are glad you want to support us!
And we are proud that we have no administration costs to pay. All the volunteers pay their expenses themselves.
Every Euro that you give will get to Malawi.

YOU can decide what project your money is invested in.

To sponsor a child changes his life.
The children in Malawi urgently need sponsors, who change the course of their lives fundamentally. Without our help these children would have no prospectives; some wouldn’t even survive. Everything is missing. Do you find this fair?
Please help by sponsoring a child or a school class.

We have many projects.
Does one target especially suit you?
Then please donate with the
corresponding communication :
see chart.
It also shows how much money has already been donated for each project.
Of course it is even easier by banker's order.
Hence the amounts in the chart are the sums per month.
Example: 20 mosquito nets cost 60 Euro. That makes 5 Euro per month

Sponsoring for education
Sponsorship for Primary School
(package 1)-> communication: PP1.
A child needs 8 copy books and 4 ball pens a year. Costs: 1.5 Euro.
For 70 children per class that makes 108 E per year.
We look for 2 sponsors per class who donate 54 Euro per year or 4.5 Euro per month.
Sponsorship for Primary School (package 2)-> com.: PP2
A luxury project.
To learn is more motivating if the children get colour pencils, sharpeners and rulers. We’d also like to offer them outings and sports days but as a reward for exta efforts.

The costs are also 1.5 E. per child.
For 70 children per class that makes 108 Euro per year.
We look for 2 sponsors per class; this means 54 E. per year or 4.5 E. per month.

These PP2 sponsorships will be granted to each class, that already had received a PP1 sponsorship.

Sponsorship for Secondary School students
->Communication: PSS

Every year we support 10-12 children so that they can go to a secondary school.

This comprises: school fee, full board or bicycle, books, writing material, clothes, school and sports
Uniform. On an average the costs are 250 E. per year or 21 E. per month.
Period of this sponsorship: 4 years!

These PP2 sponsorships will be granted to every class that had already a PP1 sponsorship.

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